• Adminssion for Excellent Bachelor of Engineering and Economics USTL 2023
  • 20 Advantages to Study in China 2023
  • 10 Documents You Need to Prepare Before Applying to Study in China
  • 5 Things May Affect Your Graduation for Study in China
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  • Customs Notice to Foreign Students Studying in China
  • 外国留学生办理海关手续须知
  • Notice by the Ministry of Education of Regulating Admission of International Students in China’s Higher Education Institutions
  • 教育部关于规范我高等学校接受国际学生有关工作的通知
  • Administrative Measures for the Enrollment and Cultivation of International Students by Schools
  • 学校招收和培养国际学生管理办法
  • Chongqing University 重庆大学
  • University of Electronic Science and Technology of China 电子科技大学
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