How do International Students think of SCUT? A Best University in China 2022?

How do International Students think of SCUT?

South China University of Technology (SCUT) is one of China’s leading universities directly under the Ministry of Education, and one of the national 211 and 985 project universities, which qualifies it as a prestigious and highly sought-after institution in China.

SCUT strives to be an exceptional example for the entire international university community. It is active in academic exchange and has forged vital relationships with more than 200 overseas universities, including Cambridge University and Harvard University. In 2019, SCUT had about 2500 international students from 130 countries. The international profile of SCUT has been raised remarkably, and our capacity for excellence and global reach has been enhanced substantially.

How do International Students think of SCUT 1

How do International Students think of SCUT

One of the most incredible things about Guangzhou and SCUT in particular is the opportunity to meet and collaborate with amazing people from all walks of life. From top tier researchers and Fortune 500 companies to multi-million-dollar movie producers and corporate spies, Guangzhou has it all and SCUT can give you the tools and connections you need to enter into the top level of any industry and provide invaluable experiences and priceless memories

Academically, SCUT is one of the most prestigious universities in China, and their research community and facilities allow us to reach our full potentials and genuinely contribute to our respective fields. Another great aspect about SCUT is its vibrant foreign student body, represented by the ISU.

The ISU hosts dozens of events every semester, in which we can network, have fun, and of course learn. So whether you’re an aspiring scientist, a creative artist, or a budding entrepreneur, SCUT is a great choice to build a strong base for which to further your dreams. Finally, I’m grateful to the CSC and SCUT faculty who never gave me up, let me down, or ran around and deserted me.

How do International Students think of SCUT 2

I originally came to Guangzhou to study Chinese, but once walking on the university island accidentally turned out to be at the campus of South China University of Technology. I liked the atmosphere of this place so much that the next semester I already lived on campus and studied at Computer technologies.

I have learned a lot in 4 years of my bachelor’s degree, improved my spoken and technical English, and of course I met many wonderful people who became my good friends. Now I am studying for a master’s degree programming and look forward to new educational projects and knowledge.

How do International Students think of SCUT 3

SCUT has a fantastic reputation; it is one of China’s most famous universities. In a nutshell, it is my home away from my country where I have met the best friends and teachers of my life, they all are like a family to me. While being in SCUT, I can say that I have adored every moment I had spent there and every small detail of SCUT, starting from its high-quality education, the unique style of teaching, the extensive library, the class environment, the food in the canteens, and last but not least, the beautiful campus.

To be honest, it was the campus and all of its surrounding nature what undoubtedly made me fall in love with SCUT. One thing I wanted to do when I came to SCUT, was joining ISU, I have made a bunch of unforgettable memories there; in my view, it was the best move I did that took my journey at SCUT to an even higher level.

How do International Students think of SCUT 4

SCUT is known to be one of the best universities in China, it is located in one of the most important cities where you can find countless opportunities for personal development. Its programs are very diverse and it has a very friendly environment, I trust that any student from any country would be able to fulfill their academic aspirations at SCUT.

Once I was there, I felt very soon that it could easily become my second home.My teachers and classmates were very welcoming, they made me feel that I would never be alone; In addition, the events organized by ISU (International Student Union) made me feel that together we were a big family, everyone is always willing to help each other. 

Having chosen SCUT to study my undergraduate degree is definitely one of the best decisions I have made, I am sure that here I will be able to become the best version of myself, both academically and personally.

How do International Students think of SCUT 5

After completing a language year, I have been studying at SCUT since 2018 and starting training in the specialty E-commerce in 2019. I studied offline on campus for one and a half years , it was wonderful experience wholly in the Chinese environment, communicating with classmates, gaining experience in culture, and even acquired many Chinese friends with whom I still keep in touch since!

Our university is one of the best in the province Guangdong, as well as in China, all professors are excellent teachers who are ready to meet even online learning, it is easy to find a common language with them. Even being behind outside of China, I receive the necessary amount of knowledge, I pass additional online lectures, as well as a member of community called ISU, thereby keeping in touch with foreign students. 

Studying at SCUT is not an easy one, requires hard work, communication skills, understanding and acceptance of culture, and our wonderful highly qualified teachers and professorshelp a lot in the acquisition of knowledge!

How do International Students think of SCUT 6

At SCUT I have experienced some of the best moments of my life. I still remember the day when I first set foot on the huge campus of SCUT. At that moment I was overwhelmed by the buildings, the people and the lush vegetation that surrounded everything.

It should have been a very happy moment but in my gut there were mixed feelings, I had no idea what those 4 years that were about to begin in that place were going to bring me. Now that I look back, I would have loved to tell my past self that studying at South China University of Technology was going to be one of the best decisions of my life. 

It will not be an easy road, you will have to face many challenges: that difficult class, finding a group of friends where you feel like yourself or even overcoming nostalgia and cultural differences. But if I have learned something, it is that when life puts a stone in our way, it always brings with it a way to remove it. 

In SCUT you will always find that charismatic partner, that generous friend or teacher with a big heart who will help you face problems and make everything worthwhile. The lifelong friendships I have created and the extraordinary experiences I have had here will always live on in my memory. 

How do International Students think of SCUT 7

SCUT is one of top achieving “211” and “985” project accredited university, luckily I choose SCUT as my first option to further my studies. I have to say environment of SCUT is quite nice, especially the design of school building.

In this period of studying abroad, maybe we will feel lonely or homesick but not a reason to stop me to continue my study journey.

In this period, I have known many friends, everyone here is quite nice and easy to get along with, everyone will help each other. In the nutshell, I just want to say I’ve never regretted that I choosing SCUT!

How do International Students think of SCUT 8

SCUT is one of the top universities in China, also a well-known university with an outstanding reputation also in Indonesia. This year we have around 50 students from Indonesia studying at SCUT at the Town Campus as well as at the Wushan Campus. In addition, SCUT is excellent at providing students academically within and outside the university with ISU assistance. The International Student Union has prepared many online events during this pandemic, to make students more active. If you are planning to come to SCUT, you will know for sure why SCUT deserves to be ranked 290th in the World Rankings based on “2021 U.S. News Best Universities In the World”.

Source: South China University of Technology

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