Myanmar Alumni of Yangtze University: Aye Aye Htun

alumni of Yangtze University
alumni of Yangtze University

Here is an excellent alumni of Yangtze University, and her story:

I am Aye Aye Htun from Myanmar, a post-graduate research student major in the Plant Protection, School of Agriculture, Yangtze University.

I came to Yangtze University in September 2018 and graduated in July 2021.

I pursued a Master program in the identification of fungal pathogens that caused plant diseases. 

As a student interested in pathogenic fungi, grasping the opportunity to study in China was an incredible blessing in my life.

With the support of the China Government, our labs are fully equipped. All the teachers are amiable, helpful, and knowledgeable, which helped me complete my master’s course here.

I sincerely thank my mentor, Prof. Deng Jianxin, who has given me guidance, support, and encouragement in my studies and student life.

I have published four SCI articles (one as a first author and three as a co-author in SCI), and one SCI article as a first author has been reviewed.

I would also like to thank the teachers in School of Agriculture and School of International Education, Yangtze University, for their eagerness to help international students; and thank the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) for funding my study in China.

In particular, I was exceptionally appreciative of working with my colleagues in our laboratory.

Life always encourages us not to stop learning new things.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to my supervisor Professor Deng Jianxin, and Professor Ma Dongfang from Yangtze University, recommending me to Henan Agricultural University to study for a PhD. with a full scholarship.

I was offered a PhD program in Crop Molecular Breeding in the College of Agronomy of Henan Agricultural University with solid recommendations.

Constantly learning new things make us full of vitality and enthusiasm, especially in a good environment. It is an honor for the alumni of Yangtze University.

Furthermore, I admit that Yangtze University is ideal for international students to realize their dreams.

I highly recommend it for prospective students who intend to study plant protection and the agricultural sector. Possessing much practical knowledge throughout the experiences allows students to have confidence in what they have learned and have the opportunity to work in their own country and anywhere in the world after completing their studies.

(Source: Yangtze University)

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