Northeastern University 东北大学

Northeastern University 东北大学


Chinese Name: 东北大学

English Name: Northeastern University

Abbreviation: 东大(Dongda); NEU

Established: 1923

Location: Shenyang


Northeastern University 东北大学
Northeastern University

Brief introduction of Northeastern University

Founded on April 26, 1923, Northeastern University is a university with a glorious tradition of patriotism.

From August 1928 to January 1937, the famous patriotic general Zhang Xueliang张学良 served as the principal.

Northeastern University 东北大学
Northeastern University Campus View

After the September 18 Incident九一八事变 in 1931, Northeastern University was forced to run a school in exile.

In March 1949, Shenyang Institute of Technology was established on the basis of the College of Engineering and the College of Science of Northeastern University.

In August 1950, it was named Northeast Institute of Technology.

In March 1993, it was renamed Northeast University.

In January 1997, the former Shenyang Gold College was merged into Northeastern University.

Northeastern University 东北大学
Northeastern University Campus View

In the course of running a school for nearly a century, Northeast University has always adhered to the same direction with national development and national rejuvenation. In history, teachers and students of Northeastern University were the main force and pioneer of the December 9th Movement一二九运动. The university adheres to the scientific research direction of serving the national strategy and regional development, encourages free exploration, promotes collaborative innovation, steadily improves the level of basic research, and continuously enhances the competitiveness of technological innovation.

Education Achivements and Rankings

Northeastern University is a multi-disciplinary university focusing on engineering, covering philosophy, economics, law, pedagogy, literature, science, engineering, management, art, and other categories. The engineering discipline ranks among the top 1 ‰ in the world. There are 104 undergraduate majors, including 15 national characteristic majors and 27 national first-class undergraduate specialty construction sites.

Northeastern University 东北大学
Northeastern University Campus View

The university has more than 100 research institutions, including 11 national science and technology bases such as national key laboratories, cutting-edge science centers, and national engineering research centers. There are 2 national collaborative innovation centers, 1 provincial and ministerial collaborative innovation center, and 4 Liaoning辽宁 provincial collaborative innovation centers.

Northeastern University 东北大学
Northeastern University Campus View

As of 2021, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings ranked Northeastern University 179th in Asia and 29th in China with its teaching and research achievements.

Academic Ranking of World Universities, also known as the “Shanghai Ranking”, placed Northeastern University 29th in China.

Northeastern University 东北大学
Northeastern University Campus View

During the construction period, the university successively developed the first domestic analog electronic computer, the first domestic CT, the first super steel and new smelting technology of vanadium titanium magnetite, energy-saving theory, and technology of iron and steel industry, controlled rolling and cooling technology. A large number of high-level scientific research achievements such as hybrid intelligent optimal control technology have set up the first university science park, forming its own school running characteristics in terms of technological innovation, transformation, and industry-university research cooperation.

A policy of opening up to the world has been in place at NEU for several years. The university has developed long-term cooperative agreements with almost 200 institutions in 34 countries. Over 1,000 students from around the globe come to study at NEU each year, representing more than 70 countries. In exchange, around 500 NEU students go abroad to study.

Zhang Xueliang

Zhang Xueliang张学良 was born in Tai’an台安 County, Liaoning Province on June 4, 1901. In August 1928, Zhang Xueliang personally served as the president of Northeastern University. He donated most of the inheritance left by his father to establish Northeastern University and some primary and secondary schools, which promoted the development of culture and education in Northeast China.

On December 12, 1936, Zhang Xueliang and Yang Hucheng杨虎城 launched the epoch-making “Xi’an Incident”西安事变, detained Chiang Kai-Shek蒋介石 and his accompanying military and political dignitaries, and issued a telegram of eight proposals for resisting Japan and saving the country. Chiang Kai Shek was forced to make six promises, including stopping the civil war and unanimously resisting Japan. The Xi’an Incident ended the civil war, promoted the second cooperation between the Communist Party共产党 and Kuomintang国民党, and realized the national war of resistance against Japan. At the meeting commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Xi’an Incident, Premier Zhou Enlai周恩来 called Mr. Zhang Xueliang a hero of the Chinese nation.

In his later years, Zhang Xueliang was concerned about the great cause of peaceful reunification across the Taiwan Strait and looked forward to national revitalization and national prosperity. He has always been concerned about the situation of his hometown and the Northeast University he had painstakingly established. He personally inscribed the name of Northeast University, promoted the resumption of Northeast University, and served as the honorary president and honorary chairman of the board of directors of Northeast University.

Famous Alumni

The school has 4490 teaching staff, including 2857 full-time teachers. There are 5 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and 4 overseas academicians. There are 125 national talent project inductees, 57 national young talent project inductees, 102 new century outstanding talents of the Ministry of Education, and 4 national natural science foundation innovation groups.

Northeastern University 东北大学
Northeastern University Campus View

Northeastern University has produced the most notable politicians in China. Such as Ma Peihua马培华, the vice-chairman of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

Famous alumni in the humanities and arts include author Guo Xiaochuan郭小川 and poet Xufang徐放.

Northeastern University 东北大学
Guo Xiaochuan郭小川
Northeastern University 东北大学

Northeastern University – The 90th Anniversary of Northeastern University

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