Study in Yangtze University: YU outstanding foreign graduate student – MD SUHEL RANA

Today we are going to introduce another outstanding foreign graduate student – MD SUHEL RANA.
outstanding foreign graduate students – MD SUHEL RANA

Today we are going to introduce another outstanding foreign graduate student – MD SUHEL RANA.

YU outstanding foreign graduate student – MD SUHEL RANA

I am MD SUHEL RANA from Bangladesh, an alumnus postgraduate student studying Computer Science and Technology in School of Computer Science, Yangtze University.

I came to China in autumn 2018 to pursue a master’s research in Computer Vision Technology that can find the solution to real-life problems by machine. China is a leading country at the moment for technology, specially in Artificial Intelligence. 

As an AI researcher student getting a chance at Yangtze University was the greatest blessing of my life.

After coming to this university as the first Bangladeshi, I got a friendly environment, kind cooperation, and much more. Also, YU has provided me everything that I need to complete my master’s degree including the research team, and high-quality lab.

It’s my luck to be a student of Prof. Zhan Wei. I have been involved in researching various national projects with him and his collaborators during my degree life.

My involvement in the joint work with my supervisor contributes to the effectiveness of the learning process and can lead towards higher academic achievement.

I really appreciate the contribution from my supervisor regarding the analysis of scientific information, formulation of research questions and hypotheses, data collection and representation, etc. Prof. Zhan motivates me at every stage of the research work. His positive feedback and explanation of research operations, helping me to learn every stage of research effectively. 

In the fall semester of 2021, I have been admitted to a PhD program in Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System with a Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) at the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT), Chinese Academy of Science (CAS).I am really grateful to my honorable supervisor Prof. Zhan for highly recommending. 

I am thankful to all the faculty members from the School of Computer Science and School of International Education for their continuous efforts and support.

Apart from excellent academic experience, I also gained the benefits from the traditional Chinese culture.

I do cherish every moment at YU and hope international students from all over the world could come to YU to make your dream come true.

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