7000 Pakistani students want to safe return to China

The education system of the whole world is almost disturbed due to COVID-19, espeically for those 7,000 Pakistan students return to China.

The education system of the whole world is almost disturbed due to COVID-19, especially for those 7,000 Pakistan students who want to return to China.

International students worldwide are worried about their education because they are continuously studying online, but they say this online system doesn’t provide quality education. 

They more added that they are studying for more than 1.5 years and can’t perform labs and research at home. As result, their degrees and years of struggle are in danger. 

The more added that we have already been vaccinated with Chinese made vaccines and they are ready for quarantine but only demand safe returns to their universities. 

Pakistani students return to China
Pakistani students return to China

On this issue of International students, Pakistani students are also working and meeting with higher authorities of Pakistan. 

They are sending “open letters” to higher authorities and also visiting their offices. 

They also highlighted this issue on social media, TV, newspapers but all in vain. They also raised their issue on “Citizen’s Portal Pakistan”, but still there is no result. 

Pakistani students return to China

But for now, Pakistani International Students’ representatives are trying to get an appointment to meet with higher authorities. 

As result, they attained the attention of some higher authorities regarding this issue. Let’s see some responses of higher authorities. 

1. Khawaja Saad Rafique (Ex-Railway Minister) said in his tweet that they are “Calling an attention notice in National Assembly to talk about and resolve the issue of stuck-up Pakistani students studying in China to make arrangements to send them back for studies”. 

They also attached an attention notice given below. Students said we love China due to providing quality education. Pakistan and China are Iron brothers. China allowed the students from South Korea, the United States, and Armenia. 

China also allowed GTSI’ students. So we should also be allowed to enter China to continue our studies physically attending classes and performing experiments in Lab.

2. A group of students (along with Mian Aftab Ahmed) successfully got an appointment from the Minister of Interior of Pakistan Sheikh Rasheed. 

They presented their issue before him and told him the complete situation. After meeting Mian Aftab Ahmed wrote in his tweet “While meeting the representative of Pakistani students of China, Minister of Interior of Pakistan, Sheikh Rasheed, promised Mian Aftab Ahmed, that he will talk to Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chinese Ambassador himself on their issue”.

3. A student of Ph.D. who went to a Chinese university went to the PM office to raise this issue and applied hard form. He requested Prime minister Imran Khan to take a quick response on this issue so that the future and career may be secured.

Pakistani International students are working very hard, discussing on daily basis in groups and also in live sessions, and making twitter trends to highlight this issue because students say Education possesses a big worth and it is the matter of life and death. 

They say after these meetings with higher authorities, we are hopeful that Pakistani higher authorities will collaborate with Chinese higher authorities to find the best solution for the safe return of International students of Pakistan.

Long Live Pakistan and China Friendship.

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