Principles of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Name: Principles of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Edition: 1st

Author: Rajesh Bardale

Subject: Forensic Medicine

Language: English


Principles of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Brief Introduction

It is with great pleasure that I am presenting the book, Principles of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology. The book is primarily designed for undergraduates and presented in a simple and lucid language. For ease of students, conventional pattern has been modified whenever feasible and the contents are presented in point-wise manner. About 337 tables and about 638 photographs and flow charts are added for easy understanding and learning. Keeping with contemporary period, recent advances are included. A new chapter, Forensic Osteology, is added and aimed to cater theoretical and practical need of students. Latest trends in management of poisoned patients have been included. While preparing this textbook, I have consulted various textbooks and journals and I am indebted to these authors.

I hope this book will serve the purpose and help students to learn the subject in easy way. The suggestions and healthy criticism will be of immense help for future improvement of this book.

-Rajesh Bardale


Section A: Forensic Medicine

  1. Legal Procedure
  2. Medical Jurisprudence
  3. Identification
  4. Forensic Osteology
  5. DNA Profiling
  6. Medicolegal Autopsy
  7. Death and Changes after Death
  8. Injury: General Considerations and Biophysics
  9. Mechanical Injury
  10. Firearm Injuries and Bomb Blast Injuries
  11. Regional Injuries
  12. Road Traffic Accidents
  13. Injury: Medicolegal Considerations
  14. Thermal Injuries
  15. Violent Asphyxia
  16. Virginity, sexual offenses and Perversions
  17. Impotence, Sterility and Sterilization
  18. Pregnancy and Delivery
  19. Abortion and Medical Termination of Pregnancy
  20. Infant Deaths and Female Feticide
  21. Legitimacy, Paternity and Medicolegal Aspects of Marriage Annulment
  22. Assisted Reproduction
  23. S tarvation
  24. Euthanasia
  25. Human Rights, Torture and Medical Ethics
  26. Medicolegal Aspects of AIDS
  27. Anesthetic and Operative Deaths
  28. Medicolegal Aspects of Embalming
  29. Forensic Psychiatry
  30. Trace Evidences
  31. Forensic Science Laboratory

Section B: Toxicology

  1. Toxicology: General Considerations
  2. Toxicology: Medicolegal Considerations
  3. Corrosive Poisons
  4. Inorganic Irritants: Non-metallic Poisons
  5. Inorganic Irritants: Metallic Poisons
  6. Organic Irritants: Plants and Vegetables
  7. Organic Irritants: Animal Bites and Stings
  8. Mechanical Irritants
  9. Pesticides
  10. Cardiac Poisons
  11. Somniferous Poisons
  12. Inebriant Poisons
  13. Deliriant Poisons
  14. Spinal Poisons
  15. Peripheral Nerve Poisons
  16. Asphyxiants
  17. Food Poisoning
  18. Drug Dependence and Abuse
  19. War Gases



Death is inevitable! From ages it has been mourned. The process and agony of death has attracted many philosophers, scholars, saints, and literary people to put their views and each one had tried to defi ne death in their own way. With evolution of scientifi c temperament and development of medical science, attempts were made to defi ne death. Thanatology (Greek, thanatos = death, logus = science) is branch of medical science that deals with the study of death. Physician’s concept of death is total stoppage of circulation of blood with consequent cessation of vital functions. Black’s law dictionary (1968 edition) defi ned death as “the cessation of life, the ceasing to exist, defi ned by physicians as total stoppage of circulation of blood and cessation of the animal and vital functions consequent thereupon such as respiration, pulsation etc”. Shapiro (1969) defi nes death as “the irreversible loss of the properties of living matter”. Rentoul and Smith (1973) defi ned death as “complete and persistent cessation of respiration and circulation”.

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