Shanghai Jiao Tong University 上海交通大学

Shanghai Jiao Tong University  logo上海交通大学校徽


Chinese Name: 上海交通大学

English Name: Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Abbreviation: 上海交大(Shaihaijiaoda); SJTU

Established: 1896

Location: Shanghai


Eastern gate东大门
East gate东大门

Brief introduction Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Founded in 1896, Shanghai Jiao Tong University was originally known as the Nanyang public school南洋公学.

 Nanyang public school南洋公学
Nanyang public school 南洋公学

In 1957, Shanghai Jiao Tong University underwent a westward relocation and division, and was divided into the Shanghai part of Jiaotong University and the Xi’an part.

In 1959, with the approval of the State Council国务院, the Shanghai part of Jiaotong University was officially named Shanghai Jiao Tong University上海交通大学.

In 1984, Deng Xiaoping邓小平cordially received the school leaders and representatives of teachers and students, and fully affirmed the various reforms of the school. With the strong support of the state and Shanghai Municipality, the school aims to “be at the highest level and create first-class” and takes the construction of disciplines as the leader, and has successively restored and built science, management, life, law and humanities.

In 1999, the former Shanghai Agricultural College原上海农业大学 was merged. In 2005, it was merged with the former Shanghai Second Medical 原上海第二医科大学University.

Siyuan Lake思源湖
Siyuan Lake思源湖

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) is one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning with the longest history in China.With a total area of more than 3 million square meters, the university has achieved leap-forward development through a series of reforms and construction. The overall strength of the university has been significantly enhanced, laying a solid foundation for the construction of a world-class university.

After 125 years of unremitting efforts, Shanghai Jiao Tong University has become a first-class university in China and a well-known university in the world. At the new historical node, Shanghai Jiao Tong University has further clarified its vision and goal of building a comprehensive, innovative, international and world-class university.

Siyuan woods思源林
Siyuan woods思源林

The motto of Shanghai Jiao Tong University was set by president Tang Wenzhi唐文治 in 1910, it indicates that we should never forget where one’s happiness comes from饮水思源, and work hard forever.

Education Achivements and Rankings

Shanghai Jiao Tong University has 31 colleges, departments, 31 research institutes, 13 affiliated hospitals, 2 affiliated medical research institutes, 20 directly affiliated units and 5 directly affiliated enterprises.

Copper eagle《百岁雄风》铜鹰
Copper eagle《百岁雄风》铜鹰

The university has 71 undergraduate majors, including 43 national first-class majors and 1 provincial first-class majors, covering nine disciplines such as economics, law, literature, Science, engineering, agriculture, medical management and art. Since the beginning of the new century, 61 national teaching achievements in higher education have been awarded.In the past 20 years, it has won 99 national science and technology awards and 408 Shanghai municipal awards.

Monument to the Source of Drinking Water饮水思源纪念碑
Monument to the Source of Drinking Water饮水思源纪念碑

Shanghai Jiao Tong University has created many firsts in the history of modern China: the earliest internal combustion engine内燃机, the earliest electric motor电机, the earliest Chinese typewriter中文打字机, the first ship, shipyard, the first atomic submarine核潜艇, the first ship hovercraft, the first hydrofoil independent design of the first generation fighter, the first carrier rocket运载火箭, the first man-made satellite人造卫星, the first heart mitral valve separation technique心脏二尖瓣分离术, the same orthotopic liver surgery, the first successful emergency operation on large area burn patients第一例成功抢救大面积烧伤病人手术, the first university of translation publishing organization, the largest number of local literature, etc., embodies the painstaking wisdom of teachers, students and alumni of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Yanyun Pavilion燕云亭
Yanyun Pavilion燕云亭

As of 2021, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings ranked Shanghai Jiao Tong University 16th in Asia and 4th in China with its teaching,reserch,citations achievements.

The U.S. News & World Report ranked Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 10th in Asia and 3th in China.

QS World University Rankings ranked Shanghai Jiao Tong University 50th in the world and 10th in Asia.

Hanzze Lake涵泽湖
Hanze Lake涵泽湖


Since Shanghai Jiao Tong University established its history Museum on the occasion of its centennial anniversary in 1996, it has successively built thematic museums, such as Cheng And Art Museum程及美术馆, Dong Hao-yun 董浩云Shipping Museum, Qian Xue-sen钱学森 Library, Li Zheng-dao李政道Library and people’s memorial hall.

Cheng And Art Museum程及美术馆
Cheng And Art Museum 程及美术馆

Cheng And Art Museum程及美术馆: Cheng and Art Museum of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, located at the bank of Siyuan Lake, Minhang Campus, with a construction area of 1200 square meters, was donated by Mr. Cheng.In 1997, Cheng Ji accepted the title of advisory professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and shortly after returning to the United States, he proposed to donate 500,000 US dollars to Jiaotong University to build an “art museum” to realize his lifelong patriotic and love of art education.

Qian Xuesen钱学森 Library: This is another memorial hall for scientists in China. It has won the titles of National Patriotic Education Demonstration Base, National Popular Science Education Base, Shanghai Patriotic Education Base, Shanghai Popular Science Education Base, Shanghai National Defense Education Base and so on

Dong Hao-yun 董浩云Shipping Museum: The museum’s existing collection of more than 1100 pieces, exhibition area of 600 square meters, there are ancient Chinese shipping history museum and Dong Haoyun’s life museum, for permanent display.

Famous Alumni

Statue of Venus维纳斯雕像
Statue of Venus维纳斯雕像

More than one hundred years, the school for the state and society has trained more than 400000 various types of talents, including a number of prominent politicians Scientists social activists industrialist, engineering technology and medical experts.

For example, the former president of the People’s Republic of China中华人民共和国主席 Jiang Zemin江泽民, the current vice Chairman of the 13th NPC Standing Committee十三届全国人大常委会副委员长Chen Zhu陈竺, the founder of China’s manned space flight Qian Xuesen钱学森, the founder of Chinese nuclear submarine Huang Xuhua黄旭华.

Qian Xuesen钱学森
Qian Xuesen钱学森
Huang Xuhua黄旭华
Huang Xuhua黄旭华

Shanghai Jiao Tong University – The promotional video of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

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